5 Reasons to Push and then Perfect

hand making OK gestureIn the past couple month I’ve made significant progress on multiple websites (including this one) simply by getting them live then putting in a couple hours here and there. These are the same websites that I’ve been avoiding working for years on because launching them perfect is such a daunting task.

If you’re building a new website, the best approach is to get something, anything up, then refine it over time. Here’s 5 quick reasons why:

  • Momentum: It’s a lot easier to do work that makes an impact on something that’s live and growing than it is to chip away at a monumental task that seems far from completion. Plus, having it live gives incentive – there’s accountability because people can see it.
  • A Rough Draft is Better than No Homework – Sometimes you get an A on what you considered your rough draft. Just because you have bigger ideas doesn’t mean people won’t appreciate your work in progress.
  • Age Gracefully- There are benefits to having an aged website in Google. Being around for along time is preferable, even if it’s just a site with a couple pages – it will make it much easier for your site to take off once it’s complete.
  • Data – Even data that says your website sucks is valuable – at the very least you can test and measure the improvement of your grand ideas. Plus, you’ll have a better idea for next time how much the updates you thought were essential really made a difference.
  • Opportunity for Free Wins – I’m speaking from experience here – sometimes the site you never got around to finishing takes off, leaving you pleasantly surprised when you check in a year later…

Has this approach worked for you too? Let me know in the comments.

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