How to Persuade as an Analytical Introvert

“I’m not very persuasive. I envy people who are persuasive. I could never do sales.” If that rings true, then this post is for you.

The first thing to understand is that how you persuade as an analytical introvert looks nothing like how a salesperson does it. This blog post does not contain any black magic on how to trick people in to wanting something they don’t really want. It does shed light on a couple reasons analytical introverts often fail to persuade, and covers an approach that uses your natural strengths and a little bit of stretching to make you more influential. (more…)

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How To Get Promoted to Senior at Your Agency – Part I

In one sentence: just start acting like you’re already a senior on the team.

 I remember the day I got the email announcing that my coworker Leah had gotten promoted to Senior Digital Marketing Strategist. “What? Leah isn’t already a senior!?” I thought to myself. I mean, she was always running around and talking to her team lead Joe about the different projects she was working on. I’ll always remember it because it was the day it dawned on me that I could simply just start acting like a senior too… (more…)

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Get Over Your Fear of Webcams

Can you imagine if someone showed up to the office with a paper bag over their head?

“Hey everyone, I didn’t want to bring my face to work today, so I’m only bringing my voice.” Seems perfectly appropriate, right?

You’d never wear a bag on your head for an in-person meeting, so why are you keeping your webcam turned off in online meetings?


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O for Organization

One quick innovation that’s really been helping me stay organized is using a dedicated browser for all of my project management, time tracking , calendar, and communication tools. I’ve been using Opera, since it’s not one I was already using in my day to day work. (more…)

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